Download Showbox APK org version 4.82 for Android

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Showbox APK is an android app that everyone is talking about at the moment. People are searching all over the web to try and find. If you’re one of those people then you’re in luck… here it is! You will find on this page everything you need to know about the app as well as the free download Showbox for android so that you can get started and enjoy having it on your device.

What is Showbox?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Showbox is the latest big app to get banned from the Google Play Store. When that happens, you know that it’s something exciting and this time is no different: everyone has been clamouring to try and find it online!
This particular app is actually a video streaming app that lets you watch your favorite TV shows and films. That makes it just something like Netflix, except there are two big differences. For one, Netflix costs money and requires you to pay a monthly fee. Better yet, it is limited to only certain shows and films, Showbox has absolutely everything you could want to download! That’s right, you can watch any show that you might possibly be a fan of from Game of Thrones to Better Call Saul.

From there, you simply tap on the show you want to watch and it starts playing! This is one of the best bits about using any streaming service: you don’t need to wait for a lengthy download, the show just starts playing immediately! What’s more, is that Showbox will not take up any space on your device by downloading the different files. That means you can watch as many as you like and you don’t need to keep going through, deleting things in order to make space!

In short then, Showbox for Android and Showbox for Pc is the perfect tool for watching your favorite programs. And it will completely transform your evenings. Imagine being able to watch any film you could think of! Imagine being able to catch up on TV you missed at your leisure. And there’s no need to choose between Amazon Prime, Netflix or other programs: it’s all right here in the one, free app!

How to Get the Showbox APK

So what is a Showbox APK? Basically, an APK is the raw file that you need to install the program on an Android device. This is just the same as an exe file for your computer. All you need to do is download Showbox it on your phone, then click on the link to automatically install it and then be able to use it whenever you want to.

With showbox installed, you’ll then be able to find it in the app drawer just like any other app you installed.
The only difference is that the app isn’t coming from Google Play, which normally downloads the APKs on your behalf and then deletes them. That means you’ll need to download it on your phone or on your PC and then transfer it over to your smart device. This is called ‘sideloading’ because it isn’t coming from the official app.

Once you’ve got your app on the device, the next trick is to make sure that your phone will run it. Normally, your Android device won’t run apps from other sources by default as a form of protection. You can change this though by heading into the settings, choosing security and then unticking the box. The exact location will vary from device to device.

With the app now placed on your phone, you’re next going to have to run it. To do this, you need to install a file explorer such as ES file explorer. This is just like the explorer in Windows and allows you to move around the device and look at files individually. Using this, navigate to the folder where the APK is located and then just click on it to download it.

Note that when you choose your Showbox APK, there are actually several different options available reflecting the different versions released for Android. Find and suitable Showbox APK you need specifically from the list below. For most people, the newest version will work best! Find the latest version of Showbox here.

Things to do With the Showbox App

Got the Showbox App on your device now? Great! The next thing you need to do is to start watching it. The great thing about Showbox is that it can help you to transform the way you enjoy media – there never needs to be a bored moment again!
Some things you can use it for that will change the way you enjoy TV…

  • Use it for date night and have a movie night under a blanket with your significant other
  • Use it while doing other things! You can catch up on TV or movies while you’re washing up, cooking, tidying or doing anything else. This way, a boring task can quickly become much less boring…
  • Entertain the kids. There are plenty of kid friendly shows and films on here so why not entertain them and get some peace and quiet that way?
  • Get nostalgic! You don’t just have to watch new programs on here. Why not search for your favorite old shows and relive those happy memories? There’s really nothing quite like it.
  • Make the commute fun. This is absolutely ideal for watching on a train or bus to work.

Get the Show box App today!

Download Show Box APK file

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How to download Showbox latest version from RawAPK

How to download Showbox latest version from RawAPK

Today we will try to understand why people download Showbox from RawAPK. You can download everything you need from Google Play and App Store. So it may seem at first glance. But this is not true. The fact is that official application stores don’t allow some apps to be published in free access. We’re not talking about bad quality or viruses. Mostly, this is the question of legal aspects. It the app the rules and laws, it can’t be available to users. But this does not mean that we can’t use some useful apps, doesn’t we?

Raw APK is a popular service that makes it real to download all the popular apps that aren’t available at Google Play and App Store. Here you can find:

  • Mobile games;
  • Social network apps;
  • Video and audio apps;
  • And useful applied apps that are problematic to download anywhere else.

What is Showbox

Showbox is an app that RawApk often searches for. This is a popular application for watching TV shows via peer-to-peer (P2P) and non-P2P sources. It allows you to:

  • Watch TV series online;
  • Download video files to watch it offline later.

It has a user-friendly interface and an excellent TV series base.

This kind of app can’t be available in public domain, because it violates the copyright. Sources of loading are torrent trackers. This means that downloading and viewing videos from the application is not entirely legal. (All content here is free.) Unfortunately, now it is impossible to download Showbox from RawApk website at the moment. But there is a solution for you. We offer newest Showbox version at our site.

Best app to watch TV series

Why do people choose Showbox? This is a full-featured solution that satisfies any user requests. Alternatives look faded against its background. It is available for download on all Android devices. Also Showbox for iOS (Iphone and ipad) is available in full. If necessary, you can download slightly older versions, and computer users can download Showbox for PC on windows 10 and 7. Enjoy your time!

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Thirty years later, Nintendo Relaunches the NES!


VIDEO GAMES – Nintendo will offer from November a revisited version of its legendary NES console.

It’s a nice nod … Nintendo announced Thursday its intention to market in November the Nintendo Classic Mini , a console taking the design of the mythical NES, released thirty years ago. With this new console, which will be compatible with thirty games, the Japanese manufacturer promises “an exceptional trip in the 80s”, and should delight lovers of “retro-gaming”.


Super Mario Bros Rom, The Legend of Zelda  and Mega Man. Launched in France in 1986, the NES is one of the consoles that marked the history of Nintendo, with the Super NES in the 1980s and 1990s. And if it sports a retro look, the new NES version offers a youthful performance and connectivity. Players will indeed find an HDMI and a USB connector that will power the machine. In addition to the console, a controller similar to that of the NES “old school” will be proposed. The classic controllers of the Wii will also be compatible to play the games of the time including Mario Bros, Donkey Kong JR, Mega Man or The Legend of Zelda. In total, thirty titles will be included.


60 dollars. In a statement, Nintendo announced that the console will be available November 12 for 60 dollars with a controller. Additional levers will be offered for ten dollars. Prices in euros have not yet been communicated, but this should be around 60 euros.

Super Mario Bros Rom.: The official encyclopedia soon to be marketed in France

Two years ago, Japanese players had the right to a book celebrating thirty years of Super Mario Bros. Better late than never, the book will soon land in France.

The fans of Nintendo and Mario who managed to refrain from importing the book Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros. released in 2015 in Japan will soon see their patience rewarded. Indeed, Dark Horse Comics has announced that the book will be released June 15 in the United States and Europe.


Although it is not clear whether the book will have the right to a translation into French, the French version of Amazon has already opened a pre-order page of the book. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to learn that Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros Rom. will cost 42.05 euros in France.


FYI, the book is 256 pages long and contains information, illustrations, and interviews about 17 games in the Super Mario Bros. series. Main (from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World).