Thirty years later, Nintendo Relaunches the NES!

Thirty years later, Nintendo Relaunches the NES!


VIDEO GAMES – Nintendo will offer from November a revisited version of its legendary NES console.

It’s a nice nod … Nintendo announced Thursday its intention to market in November the Nintendo Classic Mini , a console taking the design of the mythical NES, released thirty years ago. With this new console, which will be compatible with thirty games, the Japanese manufacturer promises “an exceptional trip in the 80s”, and should delight lovers of “retro-gaming”.


Super Mario Bros Rom, The Legend of Zelda¬† and Mega Man. Launched in France in 1986, the NES is one of the consoles that marked the history of Nintendo, with the Super NES in the 1980s and 1990s. And if it sports a retro look, the new NES version offers a youthful performance and connectivity. Players will indeed find an HDMI and a USB connector that will power the machine. In addition to the console, a controller similar to that of the NES “old school” will be proposed. The classic controllers of the Wii will also be compatible to play the games of the time including Mario Bros, Donkey Kong JR, Mega Man or The Legend of Zelda. In total, thirty titles will be included.


60 dollars. In a statement, Nintendo announced that the console will be available November 12 for 60 dollars with a controller. Additional levers will be offered for ten dollars. Prices in euros have not yet been communicated, but this should be around 60 euros.

Super Mario Bros Rom.: The official encyclopedia soon to be marketed in France

Two years ago, Japanese players had the right to a book celebrating thirty years of Super Mario Bros. Better late than never, the book will soon land in France.

The fans of Nintendo and Mario who managed to refrain from importing the book Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros. released in 2015 in Japan will soon see their patience rewarded. Indeed, Dark Horse Comics has announced that the book will be released June 15 in the United States and Europe.


Although it is not clear whether the book will have the right to a translation into French, the French version of Amazon has already opened a pre-order page of the book. Thanks to the latter, it is possible to learn that Encyclopedia Super Mario Bros Rom. will cost 42.05 euros in France.


FYI, the book is 256 pages long and contains information, illustrations, and interviews about 17 games in the Super Mario Bros. series. Main (from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World).

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